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    We Deliver & We Deliver To Hotels +1-905-358-0258

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    We Deliver & We Deliver To Hotels +1-905-358-0258

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    We Deliver & We Deliver To Hotels +1-905-358-0258

Welcome To Kool Katts :

Enjoy the fusion of Exotic Carribean flavors and Canada’s natural beauty at Kool Katts, Niagara Falls favourite Jamaican Hideaway.

Carribean food is healthy as it includes plenty of natural ingredients. The cuisine includes a lot of fish, vegetables, and beans. Medicinal herbs like ginger, hot peppers, garlic _ other spices are used as seasonings.

Niagara falls is alive with romance and wonders from the powerful falls to the quaint shops and attractions, this is truly a paradise found! This particular paradise is also home to a sensational repertoire of fine eateries, including Kool Katts, where owner Carlton Francis, serve you a bounty of authentic Jamaican dishes.

Catering : We cater to everything from casual backyard get together to elegant sit-down suppers and comes complete with service staff and gourmet menu options.


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In fact, it will take a lot more ideals for you to be able to turn the usual party into something very interesting and awesome that would work to be a great celebration for you and all of your friends.

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Change things up since most of the time the people who get to join you also make your celebrations a lot more interesting, so you may want to also look into this perspective and let your guests make the event something a bit more different than before.

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